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Park Plus Design Assignment

My role 

UI/UX designer 


2 days


Ideation on Notion and pen-paper, Visuals on Figma

Problem Statement Given

Leia wants to travel from the island town of Kaneohe to her home in Hana. Four options of travelling are given. The task is to design this single screen (in high fidelity along with any associated states and micro-interactions) of Holo app where Leia can compare the diferent options available to her and make her final decision as to which option she will book.


Requirements and Constraints Gathering
  • How I did?

    • From the problem statement given, jotted down important points in “Notion software”.

  • Why I did?​​

    • So that I don’t miss on any requirement.

    • To avoid re-reading problem statement given, again and again.

    • To be on track during project.


User Persona
  • How I did?

    • Gathered information about Leia from the problem statement.

  • Why I did?​​

    • To keep myself aligned to the persona given in the problem statement.

    • To avoid re-reading the problem statement given, again and again.​​

  • How I did?

    • Reduce the entire problem statement into one line.

    • The line is “How might I make the comparison of different options available to her easy, fun and premium and help make her final decision as to which option she will book.”

  • Why I did?​​

    • To have a concise problem statement which will keep me on track during the project.

    • To convert a problem into an opportunity.​​


Crazy 8
  • How I did?

    • In a span of 1 hr did the “Crazy 8” exercise to gather as many ideas as possible.

  • What I got?​​

    • Paper prototypes.​​​

Competitive Analysis
  • How I did?

    • Studied Paytm, and Google Maps.

  • What I got?​​

    • A moodboard consisting of useful screenshots from these apps.​​​

Screenshot (775).png
WhatsApp Image 2022-05-09 at 7.58.37 PM.jpeg

Crazy 8

Competitive Analysis


  • How I did?

    • Made wireframes in Figma.

  • What I got?​​

    • Rough testable prototypes.​​​

Screenshot (776).png
  • How I did?

    • Made designs in Figma.

  • What I got?​​​​​​


Group 32.png
Group 31.png

Selection of Source, Destination and Date

Showcasing all ways


  • Why I did?

    • Testing with real users improves the app a lot.

  • How I did?​​

    • Did A/B testing with 5 users.

    • Think aloud testing with 5 users.​​​

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