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Hello :)

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I am Shreya.

👩‍💼 I am a Product Designer.

​💻 Working on new products and solving user problems via design fascinates me.

​💻 I am working at Avo automation where I design our testing software and stuffs around it.

​​⌛ Apart from designing, I like to pass my time by reading books and practising self-defence.


Bridged a pain point in Whatsapp

Do you also feel creating a new Whatsapp group for someone's birthday in which you have to include all members of your existing group except the birthday person,a painful task? Then view my case study to find a solution. ✨✨

UX/UI Design: User Interviews, User Story, Brainstorming,Wireframes, Design, A/B testing

Case Studies
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Park Plus Design Assignment

Simplified the process of "comparing travelling options".

UX/UI Design: Requirements Gathering, User Persona, HMWs, Competitive Analysis, Crazy 8,  Wireframes, Designs, A/B testing, Think aloud testing

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